Truck Licence NZ

Get Your Truck Licence in NZ by Enrolling at Drivetrain Driving School

Whether you are contemplating to start a new career in the trucking industry or are interested in moving up to the next class of trucking licence, Drivetrain Driving School can help you earn the correct truck licence in NZ. Our driving school is specifically geared towards the commercial transport industry, from trucking to forklifts to construction machinery and beyond.

The Importance of a Truck Licence in NZ

To work legally in the New Zealand trucking industry, you need to have the right truck driver licence. Here are a few reasons why the training we offer at Drivetrain is so important if you desire to build a lucrative career in this niche:

  • New Zealand has strict licensing laws: When it comes to truck driving licence classes, New Zealand has precise laws about which classes enable a driver to operate which types of vehicles. Class 2 is a medium rigid vehicle licence. Class 3 is a medium combination vehicle licence. Class 4 is a heavy rigid vehicle licence. Class 5 is a heavy combination vehicle licence. There are specific vehicle weights and configurations covered under each class. It is essential to follow the laws laid forth by these licence classes, to avoid compliance issues that could derail your career.
  • We teach safe, practical driving habits: Our trainer, Gary May, isn’t just a driving instructor. On the contrary, he has spent more than 30 years working in the transport industry. He knows all the best practices and habits necessary to keep a truck driver safe out on the roads. Said another way, we’re not just training you so that you can pass an assessment and get a heavy vehicle licence. On the contrary, we’re teaching you to be safe, smart and successful once you get that licence.

What Sets Drivetrain Apart Regarding Truck Licence Training

Beyond our focus on practicality, there are a few factors that make Drivetrain an excellent spot to train for your truck licence. These include:

  • Our full scope of truck driver licence training: We offer training for Class 2, Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5 licences. No matter what your goals are in the trucking industry, we can help you achieve them.
  • Our on-site training: For maximum convenience, we can come to you for your licence training. We often work with trucking or logistics companies, which hire us to train several of their drivers for a higher class of licence. In these cases, especially, our on-site training offer is popular.
  • Our down-to-earth training style: Driving a big, heavy vehicle can be stressful, especially the first time and especially with a nervous or combative trainer in the passenger’s seat. Our training style is all about staying relaxed and engaging with people. We want you to feel comfortable and to have the opportunity to build confidence.

Why Customers Should Use Drivetrain Driving School

When it comes to earning a truck licence in NZ, few driving schools can rival Drivetrain in terms of real-world experience, approachable teaching style and personalised service. If you are interested in learning more about our truck driver classes, we hope you will contact us today.