Forklift Refresher Course

Improve Your Skills with a Forklift Refresher Course

Whether you would like to improve your driving skills or your license has expired, our forklift refresher course is NZTA approved. We provide you with the theory and practical experience you need to operate a powered industrial lift truck confidently and professionally. Our certified trainer has more than 30 years of experience in the transport industry and provides exceptional tuition.

Common Reasons People Require a Forklift Licence Renewal

There may be several different reasons for needing to take a forklift licence renewal course including:

  • A requirement by OSH: If you have a forklift licence, you must take a refresher course for renewal every three years. Not everyone remembers this when they first get their licence, and they can end up with an expired certificate which may then require undertaking the full course to become licenced.
  • Being caught handling the vehicle unsafely: Your boss may find you operating the forklift precariously in the workplace and request that you take a refresher course. To avoid serious accidents, a reminder and appropriate training of safe forklift operation may be useful.
  • Involvement in a minor accident: Your workplace protocol may require you to automatically undergo a forklift refresher course if you are involved in a minor accident. This course of action could be to ensure that your workplace has implemented the appropriate remedial action to prevent the same incident from reoccurring.

Our course maintains a high level of education, training and safety standards.

What You Can Expect from Drivetrain Driving School Regarding a Forklift Refresher

You will receive professional and quality education for safely operating of a forklift.

  • We provide theoretical knowledge for the safe operation of a forklift: Our experienced trainer will cover topics such as basic forklift specifications, load centres, stability and operational safety to ensure that you know how to work a forklift professionally and confidently. We meet the requirements and standards as set out by Worksafe New Zealand in the Approved Code of Practice for Training Operators and Instructors of Powered Industrial Lift Trucks guidelines.
  • You will have to complete a practical component: You will undergo the practical part of the training, which includes operating a forklift and completing job handling tasks that your employer would require.
  • Our services are flexible: We provide a flexible schedule to suit your needs and can do off-site training if required. Ensure that you provide proof of a current OSH certificate or have one that is no more than three months passed the expiry date to be eligible for our refresher course.

About Drivetrain Driving School

We have more than 30 years of experience working in the transport industry in New Zealand and overseas. Our driving school is an approved NZTA course provider that delivers professional and high-quality training programs. We offer several driver training programs including truck class license, dangerous goods and a wheels, tracks and rollers course. Our school can accommodate off-site training and a flexible schedule to suit your requirements. Contact us today to book into a forklift licence renewal course.