Excavator Driver Licence

Train for Your Excavator Driver Licence with Drivetrain Driving School

Are you looking to get your excavator driver licence? Alternatively, do you have a business where numerous employees need to be certified to operate common construction vehicles or equipment? If so, Drivetrain Driving School can help. Since 2014, we have been helping individuals and companies access high-level driver training for a wide range of commercial vehicles.

What You Can Expect from Drivetrain While Getting Your Excavator Driver Licence

As you embark upon a journey to obtain an excavator licence, here are a few things you can expect from Drivetrain:

  • A relaxed teaching style: Most driver training schools focus on driving personal vehicles and obtaining individual vehicle driver licences. Our school is different in the types of vehicles and licences that we focus on, but our overall goals are still the same: developing confident, competent drivers and giving them the skills they need to obtain their licences and operate their vehicles safely and smartly. Our training, therefore, is relaxed, engaging and encouraging in the same way that any good driver training program should be.
  • The option for onsite training: Many companies hire us out to provide commercial vehicle training for their personnel. If you have a handful of people who need an excavator licence, we are happy to come to your site to conduct the driver training. Clients often find this option to be most convenient for their teams.
  • Training backed by experience: Our trainer is Gary May, who brings to the table more than 30 years of experience in the transport industry. He continues to run his own transport company to this day. Students find his real-world experience and insight very helpful as they are learning how to operate excavators, forklifts, trucks or other commercial vehicles.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Their Excavator Licence

At Drivetrain, one of our goals is to cut through some of the mistakes or misconceptions that are common among folks pursuing an excavator driver licence. These include:

  • Assuming they don’t need an excavator licence: You are not required to hold a special driver licence to operate construction machinery (excavators included) on a construction site or work site. You do, however, need a special permit to drive one of these vehicles on the road.
  • Not knowing what type of licence they need: If you intend to drive an excavator on public roads (perhaps to get it to or from a construction site), New Zealand law requires that you meet two licence requirements. First, you need a driver licence for the class that corresponds to the weight of the vehicle. Secondly, you need a wheels, trucks or rollers endorsement for your licence, depending on the design of the excavator.
  • Thinking the course will be prohibitively expensive: We make our courses affordable. For instance, for wheels, trucks or rollers endorsements, students can get one of the three for just $250, two for $350 or all three for $450.

Why an Excavator Driver Licence Is Cost-Effective

Training to get the proper driver licences for your excavator equipment will not only give you more experience and education operating these vehicles, but it will also give you more freedom to move them on public roads. Contact Drivetrain today to learn more.