Digger Driver Licence

Start Training to Get Your Digger Driver Licence Today

Do you need a digger driver licence to operate a digger in New Zealand? Many construction industry professionals are not entirely familiar with how licencing for construction machine and equipment works. At Drivetrain Driving School, we can help you understand the requirements and get the licences and endorsements you need to operate these machines legally.

What You Should Know about the Digger Licence (and Other Construction Driver Licences)

The licencing rules for construction machinery in New Zealand can be confusing to first-timers. Here are a few details to know as you start looking into the licencing process:

  • Specific driver licences aren’t expressly required for construction site work: In New Zealand, to operate a digger or any other construction machines, you must be ‘trained to use it safely.’ You don’t need a specific licence, though going through the digger operator training is necessary to obtain a licence in the class that covers the weight of your vehicle.
  • You need a special driver licence and licence endorsement to drive a digger on the roads: If you are going to be driving a digger on a public road, you must have a licence in the appropriate vehicle weight class, as well as an endorsement to operate a construction machine on wheels, rollers or tracks (WRT).

Hopefully, these details shed some light on which steps you need to take next in your construction machinery training.

Benefits of Getting Your Digger Driver Licence Through Drivetrain

At Drivetrain, we can help you obtain both the necessary licence class and the required WRT endorsements to operate a digger safely and to drive it on public roads. Here are some of the benefits of obtaining your differ licence through us:

  • Our experience: We established our business in 2014, but our trainer—Gary May—has been working in the transport industry for more than 30 years. He continues to operate his own transport company today. His experience spans a range of vehicles and industries and even goes beyond the shores of New Zealand. He is the perfect instructor to deliver thorough digger operator training.
  • Our on-site courses: Often, companies will hire us to provide on-site training to a handful of their employees. We are happy to come to you to provide the training you need and find that bigger clients especially like this option. If several workers need the same certification, it is convenient to have them all go through the training together.
  • Our other training opportunities: In addition to construction machinery training and licences, we also offer a range of other courses spanning the commercial transport sector. These include trucks, forklifts and vehicles that transport hazardous or otherwise dangerous goods.

Why Drivetrain Driving School Is Cost-Effective

Especially if you are seeking a digger driver licence, Drivetrain is the cost-effective place to get it. There are different endorsements for construction machines, depending on whether they run on wheels, rollers or tracks. We can get you all three endorsements for $450, or just one for $250. To learn more about what these prices cover, contact us today.