Commercial Vehicle License

Drivetrain Driving School Offers Training for a Commercial Vehicle License

Drivetrain Driving School puts our 35 years of experience in the transpiration industry to use with all of our training courses, including our commercial vehicle license classes. Learn all you need to know to obtain your license and start driving commercial vehicles on more.

Truck Licence NZ

Get Your Truck Licence in NZ by Enrolling at Drivetrain Driving School

Whether you are contemplating to start a new career in the trucking industry or are interested in moving up to the next class of trucking licence, Drivetrain Driving School can help you earn the correct truck licence in NZ. Our driving school is specifically geared more.

Truck Licence Course

Find a Truck Licence Course at Drivetrain Driving School Today

Are you looking for an excellent truck licence course to help you earn the certification you need for a job that involves driving heavy vehicles? Heavy truck drivers drive trucks with and without trailers. They may transport machinery, livestock, liquids, general freight or more.

Digger Driver Licence

Start Training to Get Your Digger Driver Licence Today

Do you need a digger driver licence to operate a digger in New Zealand? Many construction industry professionals are not entirely familiar with how licencing for construction machine and equipment works. At Drivetrain Driving School, we can help you understand more.

Forklift Refresher Course

Improve Your Skills with a Forklift Refresher Course

Whether you would like to improve your driving skills or your license has expired, our forklift refresher course is NZTA approved. We provide you with the theory and practical experience you need to operate a powered industrial lift truck confidently and professionally more.

Excavator Driver Licence

Train for Your Excavator Driver Licence with Drivetrain Driving School

Are you looking to get your excavator driver licence? Alternatively, do you have a business where numerous employees need to be certified to operate common construction vehicles or equipment? If so, Drivetrain Driving School can help. Since 2014, we have been helping more.

Dangerous Goods Course

Drivetrain Driving School Offers A Dangerous Goods Course

Drivetrain Driving School is known as the commercial transport training professionals, and as a part of our services, we offer a dangerous goods course. If you want to expand into transporting hazardous goods such as fuel and chemicals, you need a dangerous goods more.